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The SectorFlow Platform operates on a flexible monthly subscription model, allowing organizations and individuals to tailor their solution to align with their objectives.
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Frequently asked questions
Common questions about billing.
What are projects, and how do they function in SectorFlow?

Projects in SectorFlow are a versatile way to categorize your AI activities and tailor settings for different objectives. Within a single project, you can link various LLMs, each with its own specific instructions and settings. Projects also serve as a framework to categorize upcoming features like file uploads and workflows, allowing for organized and efficient management of your AI endeavors.

How do Teams work within the SectorFlow platform, and how many Teams can I have?
What does 'bring my own AI model' mean on the SectorFlow platform?
How does SectorFlow ensure the security of my billing information?
I'm interested in SectorFlow for my enterprise. Do you offer special pricing?
Can I see how many credits I've consumed on my plan?
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